What is Self-Image?

According to Google, self-image is “the idea one has of one’s abilities, appearance, and personality.” Self-image is one of the most common themes in Young Adult literature.  Self-image can cover a range of topics from perception of beauty or physical attraction to intelligence, athletic and artistic ability, and more.  The term “self-image” is most commonly … More What is Self-Image?

The “Three Faces” of Low Self-Esteem

According to an article from The University of Texas at Austin’s Counseling and Mental Health Center, low self-esteem is not always easy to recognize. Often times low self-esteem takes three forms: The Imposter: acts happy and successful, but is really terrified of failure. Lives with the constant fear that she or he will be found … More The “Three Faces” of Low Self-Esteem

The Impacts of Bullying

Do Bullies Really Have Low Self-Esteem? According to an article in Psychology Today, psychologists have found that most bullies have high self-esteem, but are afraid of exposing their own failures and shortcomings. This is similar to one of the three faces of self-esteem, “The Imposter.” By choosing victims or “targets” perhaps with similar failings or … More The Impacts of Bullying