What Is Abuse?

According to Merriam-Webster, the word “abuse” has multiple definitions, including: “a corrupt practice or custom”; “improper or excessive use or treatment”; “language that condemns or vilifies, usually unjustly, intemperately, and angrily”; or “physical maltreatment”. In lived social worlds, as well as literature social worlds, types of abuse are usually broken down into subcategories, like the … More What Is Abuse?

The Impacts of Bullying

Do Bullies Really Have Low Self-Esteem? According to an article in Psychology Today, psychologists have found that most bullies have high self-esteem, but are afraid of exposing their own failures and shortcomings. This is similar to one of the three faces of self-esteem, “The Imposter.” By choosing victims or “targets” perhaps with similar failings or … More The Impacts of Bullying

Examples of Emotional/Verbal Abuse in Pop Culture

10 Scary Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Emotionally Abusive Loser by Dr. Annie Kaszina (Thought Catalog) “What’s wrong, ugly, you jealous? Can’t get a date?” Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson The title of this Thought Catalog article may have sass written all over it, but the point is solid. Certain character traits can be clues … More Examples of Emotional/Verbal Abuse in Pop Culture