The Impacts of Bullying

Do Bullies Really Have Low Self-Esteem?

sb10064450d-001According to an article in Psychology Today, psychologists have found that most bullies have high self-esteem, but are afraid of exposing their own failures and shortcomings. This is similar to one of the three faces of self-esteem, “The Imposter.”

By choosing victims or “targets” perhaps with similar failings or shortcomings that the bullies themselves fear will be exposed, bullies misdirect their insecurities on to other people and simultaneously contributing to someone else’s low self-esteem.

The Impact of Bullying


According to a website called, most adults view bullying as “part of being a kid.” However, bullying is a serious problem that has many negative effects, from low self-esteem to anger issues, depression, anxiety or even suicide.

As the photo to the right says, suicide is the third leading cause of death among teens.

Bullying does not discriminate. Both boys and girls are susceptible to bullying, low self-esteem and other effects of bullying.

How Can We Combat Bullying?

pq4bmr9s-1407330605According to, run by the US Department of Health and Human Services, bullying can threaten students’ physical and emotional safety at school and can negatively impact their ability to learn.

The best way to combat bullying is to address the issue before it begins. However, even awareness may not be enough to prevent bullying. Parents, teachers and other students should be aware of the signs of bullying which can include a change in eating or sleeping habits, a sharp decline in motivation or drop in grades and school performance, increased depression or anxiety, withdrawing from peers or activities that were once enjoyed, or any other abnormal behaviors.


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