Ellen Foster – In My Own Words


Me on Vacation with my new momma and sisters.

Hi my name is Ellen Foster and I grew up in the South United Sates with my momma and my daddy. I had to take care of them my whole life because sometimes mommas and daddies need they Ellens to look out for them because they drink too much or they get sad. If you have time come sit with Ellen and I tell you all about it.


Starletta and Me

My best friend in the whole world is Starletta. Now I know what you thinking, how can a white girl and a colored girl be best friends, but we are the best of friends even though sometime Starletta get a little too happy with her crayons and she break ’em until they just little nubs. I didn’t always think that Starletta was a good friend but she is the best friend and I’m glad my new momma lets her come over to play.


Daddy was a bad man always hitting momma or throwing things at her or grabbing me real hard. He thought it was ok cause momma and I never told him no cause he had his way and we weren’t allowed to get in the way of it. Daddy also let his drunk colored friends say things about me like I’s a woman even though I’s only ten.

Alcohol Abuse

Daddy drunk again.

Daddy was also a drunk, always inviting them colored friends over to drink and then letting them pass out in our living room wherever they please. Daddy got meaner when he drank and he grabbed me harder and let his friends say whatever they wish to me. Daddy drank so much he drank himself to death and nobody found him for weeks and weeks. Serves him right.

Mental Illness

Momma was sick before she died having to go to the hospital all the time and then when she come home Daddy either wouldn’t let her take her pills or would force her to take too many. The doctor said she was sick but not sick like a cold, but sick like she was too tired to do anything and living with Daddy made it worse.


I seen lots of people die like momma and my momma’s momma. Daddy died too but it was after I had been taken out the house and moved around a few times. They found him all shut up in that filthy house just all drunk and dead.


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