What Are Friendships?

According to Merriam-Webster, friendship is “the state of being friends,” or “the relationship between friends.”

Since the dictionary definition is really no help in actually describing friendship, let’s look at some common characteristics of friendship.

1.) Friends are people you like and with whom you enjoy spending time.

2.) You have common interests. You like the same books, TV shows, music, movies or clothes. You cheer for the same sports teams. You both like the color green. You both love talking trash about other people. Whatever the common interest, it probably sparked your friendship.

3.) Friends talk. A lot. They talk about other people they know. They talk about things that are funny. They tell stories. They give you pep talks. They talk about sports, news and politics. But most importantly, they talk about important stuff like family, life decisions, and even (the always dreaded) feelings.

4.) Friends are loyal. They’re there when times get tough. They’re around when you need help moving a couch, or when you need someone to sit with you and watch sad movies and wallow after a breakup.


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